Destination Wedding – North Cyprus – Jeylan & Kevin


“Thank you so much for coming to Cyprus to be a part of our special day!!”

I must admit, when I received the invitation and request to photograph Jey & Kevin’s wedding, I was a bit apprehensive; I hadn’t shot people or portraits for a long time and my experience with weddings was limited to a few ceremonies shot on cruise ships and some snaps taken at family gigs. Despite this, they put their trust in someone that would usually be found camping up a mountain or in a field at 2am shooting the milky-way amongst amazing landscapes, needless to say I had a challenge on my hands, something that I absolutely relish. To make things slightly easier (or harder) however you want to view it, I have known Jey for pretty much all her life, I’ve watched her grow up alongside her 2 bigger brothers whom I’ve grown up with myself since I was about three years old, this is what brought me to the pleasure of shooting her and Kevin’s wedding, not only that, it was being held in the most alluring setting of northern Cyprus, so no pressure at all.

Until now, the responsibility, the pressure, the pace and sheer confidence you need to shoot a couple’s special day has never appealed to me, I was too used to shooting for myself in a non pressured environment with time on my side; but with this invitation I thought there would be no better time to step up and take my ten years of holding a camera to hone my skills & capture an amazing couple in an absolutely beautiful setting. I only met Kevin a handful of times, but I can truly say he is one of the kindest, genuine and most laid back a person you could wish to meet. I didn’t only spend their wedding day with them, but I was also truly honoured to spend their holiday and honeymoon with them; and to also visit the homeland of my longest living friend’s. Happy times indeed!

So without further adieu, on with the show of my first – certainly not last – nuptials!

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  1. Jeylan
    August 02, 2016

    How do we begin……..
    Russell was bar far the most professional and talented photographer we could have asked for. From the minute the day begun to the minute the day ended he did not stop snapping away, being sure to capture every second of our special day. We trusted that Russell would do a good job but had never imagined or expected the results that we were given. Our biggest worry was that we’d end up with boring and generic wedding pics, not doing justice to the location etc. Russell made sure this wasn’t the case, delivering the most natural, detailed, unique and not to mention stunning wedding photo’s. Russell’s best quality as a photographer was taking the time to listen to what we wanted from our wedding pics, he focused on achieving the style that we ask for and at no point did he sway from this. The outcome speaks for its self, the pictures are just perfect!! We are over the moon with the results and thank goodness we picked Russell.
    Mr & Mrs Jacob

  2. Gloria Pope
    September 25, 2016

    What a fantastic job you did, the photos were fabulous. You captured every moment of their wonderful day.
    The setting for the wedding was beautiful, the bride looked amazing in her wedding gown.

    You should be very proud of yourself Russ, you did an excellent job.

    Love You. xxx

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